Let's do this.

I have run typofont.se on and off for a few years now. At first it was a blog where I posted mostly typography- and design related content but then it became a place where I uploaded random photos that I had shot.

Pretty fast, that change boosted my interest in photography and after a year or so I started to think maybe I should do something more with my photos. People seemed to like them, I immensely enjoy taking them and I thought 'why not'? 

This is the result of that little seed that started growing, a site that is now the face of my own company. That sounds pretty cool to me. I will not quit my day job as an art director, though. I love working at Change and they have been instrumental in my photographic growth, pushing me and encouraging me to take those steps that are so hard to take if you do not have support from your friends (and in my case, co-workers too). Thank you so much, guys. 

I am undoubtedly still somewhat of a novice in the field, but I am still learning and I have a few hours left until that 10.000-mark. But I do have my passion, my will and my camera. And to me, that is a decent start.

Anyway, I know this will not change the world for you or anything close to that, but I feel it will change my world a little bit. And you will have to excuse me for posting such a grandios and incredibly self-centered first blog post. I just did not want to be all corporate and stiff and talk about myself in third person. I wanted this first little text to convey an emotion, just like I try to do with my photos.

So, what is this? It is my portfolio, my blog and (soon) a link to my online store where you can buy prints if you like. This is my new digital home. I hope you will like it. I think I do.

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